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Did you know that this is one of the most visited pages of any web of photographer, videographer or creative?

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Your visitors want to know your photographs and creations, yes, but the next thing they want to know is you. And this section gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to potential clients. It is the place to transmit the values of your work and explain why they should choose you as a photographer, videographer or creative. So focus on showing yourself as you are.

People want to know you. Transmit your personal feeling, the good vibes you work with. Think that they are going to leave in your hands the most important photos of their lives. More and more people tend to feel more attached to a professional of whom they know their history, their way of being and of working. And if you are a team made up of several photographers or perfect creatives, talk about all of them, let's see at a glance the people behind working in your team.

And don't forget to always keep in mind that this page, like any other text page, if you develop it well and think well about the most appropriate keywords to identify your business, they will help you to climb positions in search engines and be much more visible on the Internet. In our blog you can find many tips on web positioning.

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What works best

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Tell your story

How about you tell us a story, where you come from and where you're going. Who you are, your studies and main training (not an infinite curriculum that nobody reads it), what you like or don't like, how you got to set up your studio or why you decided to be a photographer, videographer or creative. Try to arouse sympathy among your visitors.

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Transmit closeness and flexibility

Always thinking of your client. Don't start saying that you are the best and that you have a thousand prizes (best if it highlights only the best). Think about what you can do for your clients and how you can help them create the best report or creation they are looking for. Transmit peace of mind and security. And make it clear that although you have some specialties you are open to proposals.

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Include your best photos, videos and creations

For us this is the most important advice of all. It shows the best of your work, it is better to show six photos or videos per specialty, six very good photos, than twenty photos where ten are very normal. You must capture the attention of your potential client from the first moment. Only quality.

Link to other sections

Adding links in the texts pointing to other sections of your website is always a good way to invite your visitors to continue browsing it and get to know you better. For example: "Look at our work at weddings, you're going to love it". Or add a link to the contact section when you consider it appropriate.

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We are creatives

Discover our work

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Finally, put a face to your business as a photographer, videographer or creative, and get the most out of your website. Consider seriously this section, is one of the most demanded currently by your potential customers and followers. If you don't you will miss a great opportunity to reach their hearts.

We hope these tips will inspire you to create the best possible website for your business to succeed. And that your customers understand that they are not only hiring a report but people willing to help them get those photographs, videos and creations they dream.

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